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No matter whether it’s a windproof hat to keep you warm in cold weather, or a cap to stop you being blinded while you’re on the construction site, having the right accessories on your person can make a world of difference when it comes to having a comfortable day at work. That’s why we specialise in providing a great selection of Snickers accessories right here at Snickers Online. 

Snickers’ workwear accessories range is admirably large, offering customers a range of clothing so they can make sure that they have everything they need to feel fully equipped. But what types of accessories are included in Snickers’ accessories range? Below, we explore five of the types of Snickers accessories you can buy to stay fashionable in the workplace.


We all know that heavy duty trousers can occasionally be hard to hold up, especially if you have a thinner frame! Snickers’ accessories range includes branded belts to combat this problem. The options of belt available range from a classic Snickers belt made of leather, to an ergonomic elasticated belt that automatically shapes itself to the wearer’s body, providing a comfortable solution to an all-too-common problem.


Like a Snickers belt, Snickers’ excellent range of braces will help to relieve the weight on your hips and keep your pants held up without limiting your range of movement. One choice of Snickers braces is nylon braces that can be attached to your tool belt; the other is streamlined flexible braces, again made of elasticated rubber. The handiness of these braces is what makes them a truly invaluable accessory.


The cap is one of the trustiest accessories of all. Serving both as a fashion statement and a practical way of keeping the sun out of your eyes, Snickers’ accessories range contains an excellent selection of sports inspired Snickers caps with mesh inserts to help keep your head cool. These are available in a choice of three professional but stylish colours too: black, cloud blue and navy blue.

Beanie hats

Arguably the winter alternative to the cap, the beanie hat is an incredibly simple way of keeping your head warm and dry when you’re out in cold weather. Snickers’ accessories range contains an enviable choice of Snickers beanie hats to suit the individual style of the wearer. The range contains breathable beanies, reversible hi vis beanie hats for dark nights and early mornings, as well as multifunctional beanies that can double up as a bandana or neck-warmer. 

Waterproof bags

Finally, Snickers’ accessories range features some hardwearing waterproof bags – just the piece of gear you need to carry your tools or a spare set of clean clothes for when you finish work. These are available in two forms: in a handy bright yellow backpack which can fit up to 30L, or a larger 40L duffel bag should you need that little extra space for all of your belongings. 

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