On the hotter, muggier days, you need to be dressed in the right work wear to stay cool and focused. This will help to keep you dry but will also make sure you are ventilated enough in hotter temperatures. Here at Snickers Online we are delighted to offer our customers a great range of Snickers Litework work wear ideal for wearing in any warmer climate and during intense work.

Our Litework range of functional work wear gives our customers exceptional products for ventilation and moisture transport through the use of top-of-the-range 37.5® technology. This light, quick drying work wear helps to capture and releases moisture vapour, guaranteeing the comfort of the wearer.

Much of our Litework range caters for the lower half of the body, allowing freedom of movement with shorts, pirate three-quarter length shorts and trousers complete with kneepad and holster pockets to keep your tools close at hand while you’re hard at work. We also provide a Litework windbreaker jacket.

Should you love our Litework range enough we can also provide accessories such as a Litework belt – the ideal support for your Litework shorts or trousers - and a trendy cap with mesh inserts for increased ventilation.

We hope that our Litework clothing will help keep you cool in the summer months. If you have any questions about any product in our Litework range please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Snickers Online today. We would be delighted to answer any query you may have.