Foul Weather (Rain wear)

Rain Wear

When the weather is particularly dark and rainy, working outside can be quite the challenge! That’s why you need work clothing that can stand up to the gloom, combining excellent rain resistance with the right high visibility strips to keep you in plain sight. Here at Active Workwear we are proud to offer our collection of foul weather workwear, ideal for keeping you safe in even the most treacherous of conditions.

The wet weather work gear we offer on this page features both lightweight and heavier Gore-Tex shell hi-vis work jackets in a variety of colours, capable of making you a beacon in rainy weather whether you’re working on a construction site, a busy road or on a railway. We can also provide lightweight rain jackets with more subtle 3M reflective tapes around the waist and shoulders. All of these are 100% waterproof.

Should you be looking for foul weather workwear for the lower half of your body we can also provide that. As with the jackets, our foul weather workwear is 100% waterproof and comes in two different styles: lightweight rain trousers with Velcro adjustments at the ankles, and hi-visibility rain trousers in far brighter colours.

We hope that you will find everything you need in our selection of foul weather clothing. If you would like to know anything more about our wet weather work gear please get in contact with us here at Snickers Online today. We would be delighted to give you all the advice that you need.