Snickers Top Wear

When you’re looking for workwear, we understand that you want to wear a top that is comfortable and practical for your application but stylish enough to look professional. Look no further than Snickers’ range of tops. Here at Snickers Online, we provide an excellent range of tops to keep you looking respectable and feeling relaxed while you’re hard at work. 

We stock a wide variety of Snickers t-shirts and Snickers polo shirts made of polyester and cotton for maximum comfort. Some of our work shirts use Active Vaporise System technology to make them breathable and anti-odour, allowing you to feel fresh and dry when working in warm conditions.  We also have a separate range of Snicker shirts specifically designed for women, such as polo shirts and long sleeved shirts. All our Snickers tops are ideal for personalised embroidery with the name or logo of your business. 

Of course, we understand that t-shirts will leave you a little exposed when worn outside in the winter months. For that reason, we also provide an excellent range of Snickers hoodies and Snickers sweat shirts designed to keep you warm in chillier environments. All our Snickers hoodies come with multiple pockets and are made of durable fabric to help them keep their shape no matter how often they are washed. 

We even offer a set of hi-vis Snickers polo shirts and fleeces for those looking for the right top to keep them visible. Our wider variety of hi vis clothing can be found by visiting the High Visibility section of our website. 

If you’re interested in any of our Snickers tops or have any questions about our range, please let us know by contacting us via our contact page – we’d be very happy to answer your enquiry and provide you with the information you need.