Women's Workwear

Women's workwear

Finding the right workwear for women can be a tough task in a man’s world. If you’re a woman working as a manual labourer you may often be forced to wear oversized clothing that leaves you feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. That’s why here at Snickers Online we are proud to provide you with Snickers’ workwear for women.

 We offer a great selection of Snickers’ women’s workwear including classic work t-shirts made of combed cotton, stretchy long sleeve t-shirts, and polo shirts. These shirts are all designed with a tighter, more feminine fit to suit women’s frames. We can even provide a zipped hoodie work top with large kangaroo pockets to warm the hands or hold tools. All our women’s work clothing is suitable for company profiling using our embroidery and printing service so you can wear your business’ logo with pride.

In addition to shirts and tops, our range of Snickers’ women’s workwear also extends to work trousers for women. Our selection ranges from standard women’s work trousers, which are dirt-repellent and durable, to women’s work trousers with knee pads and holster pockets for heavier manual labour. We can also provide women’s work trousers for specific applications such as Snickers’ excellent women’s painters trousers. 

Whatever your women’s workwear needs you will find it here at Snickers Online. To find out more about any of our Snickers’ women’s workwear please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be delighted to help you find the right solution for your work requirements.