Delivery Issues

Weeks after Brexit why are Snickers deliveries still taking longer? 

Latest Update – It’s hard to give accurate customs information, all we know is that if a container is stopped at the ports neither we, Snickers or the couriers have any control over how long the delay could be.

We try to get 85% of orders sent from the stock held at our warehouse , the other 15% goes direct from our suppliers warehouses in Europe. These deliveries can now take up to 10 working days (if not stopped) and this also affects all of our stock orders that last year took 4 days.

Our stock orders are also, if you can forgive the pun, in the same boat.

So all we can do is what we have been doing since January, keep giving you honest information. Because we believe even bad news isn’t as frustrating as no news. 

Northern Ireland deliveries are now  seemingly ok but, as across the Irish Sea, taking a couple of days longer (around 10-12 working days)

DPD Texts are completely out of sync still as they are sending when goods are scanned not when out for delivery.

The correct delivery text will always have a one hour delivery time slot with it.

Tracking numbers are still an issue as many of the parcels sent from European Warehouses are dual labelled so often the correct number is not available. There are people working at DPD to resolve this but there’s no quick fix sadly.



Active Workwear  carry a vast amount of the Snickers Workwear products in stock at our warehouse, however due to the massive range of styles, colours and sizes that they offer some orders are despatched directly from their central warehouses in Europe.


We normally quote between 3 & 7 working days for UK Mainland deliveries as often it’s 3 if sent from us or 7 if sent from Snickers. This was the case until January 1st 2021 when the changes brought on by Brexit caused tighter customs checks.


The initial backlog was awful as goods were returned from ports due to new commodity codes missing along with other information that was now required. As January went on this started to right itself but still meant possible delays at ports due to customs checks. More lorries are being stopped and checked; many have mixed stock on board for different companies. If one parcel is found to be incorrect then every parcel must be checked. There is a mass recruitment of new customs officials but with the latest Covid restrictions, less can work together making the checking process take longer.


Like anything new, especially something as big as Brexit, there are always teething problems. So if your order is a few days late please bear with us as this is not of our making. We will  aim to get your goods to you within 10 working days (12 for NI/ROI) .


We will use our website to give you honest updated information.


Tracking information is a little less reliable due to the relabelling of parcels, however if a mobile number is supplied you will get a text from DPD the day before, and on the day, of delivery.


We are giving this information as once the order is placed we are unable to stop the process