Snickers Vests

Whether you’re looking for warmth, comfort or visibility – or a combination of the three - our selection of Snickers vests offer an array of workwear solutions. The importance of visibility in the workplace is second to none, meaning that the safest option is to purchase a Snickers workwear vest with hi-vis panels to keep you in everyone’s sights. Our version features hi-vis panels on the shoulders too, to make sure you’re visible even when you’re bending or leaning over.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to kit out your construction gang, or a self-employed painter & decorator looking for new equipment and safety clothing, it is vital that informed decisions are made when purchasing workwear. Accidents can lead to downtime and - in the worst cases - lost jobs, or even lives.

For those working in chillier climes, or the evenings, a bodywarmer vest can be a must – keeping you warm without jeopardising your mobility with long sleeves. Its multipockets will help you keep your most important tools close to hand and free up your hands for working.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today and one of our professional advisors will strive to unite you with the perfect safety workwear solutions for your occupation. Whether it’s Snickers hi vis workwear vests, or gilets, there’s something for every company available at Snickers Online.