Snickers Cutting edge High-Vis

Snickers Cutting edge High-Vis

Our cutting-edge range of High-Vis garments takes personal protection to the next level. Giving you the renowned Snickers Workwear functionality and working comfort – while making sure you are seen at all times.



We take personal protection seriously – without compromise. That's why for example our High-Vis jackets, T-shirts, polo shirts and vests feature reflective stripes all around, including over or across the shoulders so that you're highly visible from all directions – even when bending down.


The Snickers Workwear unlined High-Vis jackets and trousers are made in working comfort cotton on the inside and dirt repelling polyester on the outside. A brilliant mixture for enhanced comfort and reduced risk of sweating.

Durable fabrics for colour-fast protection.

Our High-Viz garments feature high-quality fabrics to ensure long-lasting protection. Thanks to a certain amount of durable polyester in each garment, they retain their shape and intense High-Vis colour and resist moisture, oil and dirt – wash after wash.

EN471EN 471 High Visibility warning clothes.
This standard specifies requirements for clothing capable of signalling the user's presence visually. Performance requirements are included for colour and retroreflection as well as for minimum areas and for the disposition of the materials.

There are 3 different classes (class 3 is the highest class):
Class 3: Total fluorescent area must be at least 0.8 m² and 0.2 m² reflective material.
Class 2: Total fluorescent area must be at least 0.5 m² and 0.13 m² reflective material.
Class 1: Total fluorescent area must be at least 0.14 m² and 0.10 m² reflective material.


When customizing your High-Vis garments with company profiling, special requirements apply. Too large logos may jeopardise the classification of the garment. For optimum and safe company profiling, please contact us at Snickers Workwear for more information. We'll be happy to help you find the best solution to make your company stand out.

Note: High-Vis garments are not available in outside sizes due to the fact that they can't be certified according to EN 471. For example, small sizes don't have a sufficiently big fluorescent area.