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Snickers Profiling



Snickers Online Workwear is a uniform in itself, but why not get the edge on competitors by personalising your workwear with your company logo? This way, you can raise the project of your organisation by making its employees instantly recognisable and allowing the name to become more familiar to the world within your industry.

Not only are we experts in terms of the practical, material quality of the products, but we are also able to offer a professional standard of design services and product options. These include a choice of colours, customised embroidery, and personalised packaging.

Prices for printing can be as little as £1.50 per application, and £2 for embroidery. You can take advantage of these discounts by placing a single bulk order of over 500 garments. Of course, you can also order from as little as one garment for profiling with print or embroidery, so this service is sure to suit your company, however small or large.

It is also worth noting that prices may vary if the logo design is larger than 15cm wide or with repeated customisations of 25,000 stitches or more. For those with a high-stitch count, the prices are doubled. That said, 95% of our clients select the lesser measurements to comply with our regular pricing structure.

Whether it’s a screen print or an embroidery, for that personalised element simply get in touch via email, where we can discuss your enquiry. Alternatively, you can ask for a quote by completing the online form with details of your company name, contact details, as well all the relevant information with regard to the logo application: garment type, colour, size, quantities, type of artwork, position, along with the chosen text and/or image for your company.


Please email any enquiry in the first instance to: Click Here

As a rough guide:
APPLICATION CHARGES For each printing or embroidery application you have on a garment, a cost is applied. The cost depends on the number of applications you require; the more you purchase, the cheaper the cost of each application. For example, if you order one garment with three printed logos, that would amount to three printing applications.

The price of applications is based on the total number of applications you have within your order. So, if you have 10 print applications on one set of items, and 90 on another within the same order, you will qualify for the 100-249 price. Application costs apply in addition to the one-time setup charges. We charge for applications in this way as it allows us to differentiate between the costs of printing and embroidery and hence offer our customers the best value prices. All applications must be within a single order to qualify for the bulk discounts.

High stitch count embroidery pricing applies on designs greater than 15cm wide and on repeat embroidery customisations with 25,000 stitches or more due to the significant extra costs and time incurred to produce them. Over 95% of embroidery applications we produce contains less than 25,000 stitches.