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Depending on where you work, the correct work pants can save you from discomfort and harm when it comes to harsh work environments, like cold or hot weather, or working within dangerous environments that contain hot materials or rough materials that could cause damage to bare skin. We know that in our range of Snickers Work Trousers, we have the perfect products for you. What we aim to talk about today is how you can choose the perfect trouser choice for you, depending on the job that you’re doing and the work environment you find yourself in.

The Snickers Range

Our Snickers Work Trousers come in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and materials to fit all genders, body types and uses. We supply workwear trousers aimed towards specific jobs, like painting and decorating, or workwear trousers with kneepads aimed at floorers, plumbers or gardeners, to name but a few examples. We supply Snickers Waterproof work trousers aimed at contractors or tradesmen who often find themselves outdoors in extreme conditions or submerged in some level of water whilst on a job. Our Snickers work trousers are spread across a range of different prices depending on your budgetary restraints, starting from £33.56 for our Snickers Workwear Dirt Repellent Work Shorts, moving through to £93.40 for our Snickers FlexiWork work trousers with kneepad and holster pockets. Depending on what you need the work trousers for, our range of Snickers problems will keep you warm, protected and clean whilst working on a job.


All of our Snickers Work Trousers, including our Ruff Work, Flexi Work and Duratwill Work trousers come with varying forms of utility. Whether you’re looking for a simplistic design with a few extra pockets or workwear pants with a multitude of pockets and tool holsters, our Snickers Workwear range is assuredly the perfect range for you to choose from. What’s more, as mentioned above, having the option with some of our workwear pants to purchase Snickers Floor Layers Trousers with built in pockets to attach Snickers Kneepads are perfect for those craftsmen and tradesmen who find themselves regularly working on their knees. This not only works towards increasing comfort for the worker, but it can reduce the risk of long-term injuries that can arise from being in a kneeling position. The thick and durable materials that the Snickers range is made from is perfectly suited to work well in rough environments, with rigorous moving, lifting, as well as scrapes and tears that may occur.

Harsh Environments

Working in difficult weather can sway your choice of workwear; if you know you work outdoors regularly all year round, it may be better for you to purchase workwear shorts for the summer and workwear pants for the winter in order to accommodate for the climate; at Snickers we provide both. Our durable Snickers Work trousers and Snickers Waterproof Work Trousers are hard wearing and designed to be able to insulate and, depending on the trousers you purchase, defend the wearer from being soaked from rainy weather. Our Snickers Trousers are also very popular with our customers for cold snowy weathers as they insulate from adverse icy temperatures.

Our Snickers range is not just for men, we also supply Snickers Women’s Trousers to cover all genders in the workforce. For more information on why we think the Snickers Workwear Trouser range we supply are the perfect products for you, please browse our website for more information. If you need any further information, or if you have any queries for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our website.

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