5 Professions Where Wearing Adequate Knee Protection is Vital

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Working on a busy site can be demanding on multiple areas of your body. Whether you need to protect your eyes, your head, your feet or your hands, ensuring adequate protection gear is worn can ensure you are working harder at your job, more safely and for longer periods of time. A frequently forgotten area of protection for workers in a variety of manual jobs are the knees, and it is an area that the Health and Safety Executive recommends is protected with shock absorbing kneepads. The risks come primarily from lacerations, penetrative injuries, as well as impact damage from frequent kneeling on hard surfaces; kneepads could also potentially reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. Here you’ll find the top 5 professions where we believe wearing shock absorbing kneepads is vital.

Floor Fitters

Working as a joiner or a floor fitter goes hand-in-hand with regularly working on your hands and knees. Specifically, as a floor fitter, having to crawl across a work area whilst attempting to get a perfect, level finish can be extremely tough, especially if your knees are aching as you go about your work. The risk of kneeling on nails or wood splinters is also high, as it can be difficult to see a nail poking through a floorboard or joist as you crawl across the floor. Making sure you wear a good brand, perhaps Snickers craftsmen kneepads, can save you from an injury that can potentially side-line you for weeks from work.


Working as a landscape gardener, or even in your own private garden, can be tough. It is a physically demanding job that can require frequent kneeling to reach flower beds and grass borders; a lot of gardening is close to the ground. Wearing knee protection, especially on difficult terrain like gravel, cobble paving or wooden decking can be a godsend for anyone who works in the gardening industry. Many of our clients favour Snickers knee protection as their “go to” brand of craftsmen kneepads.


If you are tiler, you will know from experience that the vast majority of your time can be spent on your knees tiling large rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Over time, this kneeling can lead to sores, aches, bruises and potential cuts and scrapes. Wearing craftsmen kneepads can ease your pain and ensure you are protected from kneeling on tile fragments or other sharp implements. If a tiler loses the mobility in their knees, they could potentially lose their profession.

Electricians and Plumbers

Electricians and plumbers both spend a large amount of their time working within the interior of walls and floors. This can lead to frequent low-level kneeling and, without proper protection, damage can occur. Loose nails, debris or even pieces of cable or pipe digging into a workman’s knee can cause absolute agony, which is why wearing shock absorbing kneepads is absolutely vital for this profession. It’s estimated that plumbers can spend up to 90% of their working time on their knees, so they shouldn’t ignore this vital area of their body.

Ensuring adequate knee protection in the vast array of labouring professions out there is vital. Here at Snickers Online, we supply a range of Snickers knee protection and Snickers craftsmen kneepads so you can keep working harder for longer. Why not check out our range here and protect yourself today? If you need more information on specific products don’t hesitate to click the item, or you can contact us if you have any unanswered questions!


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