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Here at Snickers, we pride ourselves in our vast range of different workwear to fit almost all jobs or professions; whether you need to buy Snickers Kneepads, Snickers Vests, Snickers Flexi-Work Trousers or Snickers Tool carriers, our Snickers Workwear is high quality, durable and affordable. We understand working on a construction site can bring daily challenges that need particular equipment so you can tackle them, that’s why today we’re going to discuss our different product ranges and how they can support a tradesman’s varying workdays.

Trousers, Jackets, Vests and Overalls

Having the correct basic workwear that can protect you whilst you do most jobs on a construction site is the first step in being able to adjust your Snickers Workwear depending on the job or the working environment you come up against. Having a durable set of Snickers Flexi-Work Trousers can protect your legs from dust and dirt, grazes or splinters from rough materials and should preferably contain enough pockets for you to carry round equipment and fittings comfortably without having to go backwards and forwards from the job to an equipment source. The same goes for Snickers Jackets, Snickers Vests, Jumpers and Snickers Overalls; all of this workwear insulates you as you work outdoors, protects your bare skin with durable material and gives you extra carry space.

Tool Carriers, Gloves, Knee Protection and Footwear

On a busy construction site or shop floor, wearing just overalls or durable workwear trousers and Snickers Top Wear won’t always suffice. Being able to have space to carry tools and fixings on your person can save you time whilst working on a job, that’s why our Snickers Tool Carriers are so popular. What’s more, being able to protect vulnerable body parts when required, like your knees, feet and hands can be enable you to work longer and harder without risk of injury or discomfort. We currently supply handy Snickers workwear trousers which can accommodate Snickers knee pads simply by slipping them in and out of the knee pouches when necessary. Our Snickers leather gloves and Snickers power cut gloves are perfect for carrying rough materials that could cause injury without protection, and paired with our Snickers Footwear, you’re sure to be able to protect your appendages from knocks, impacts and scrapes.

Adverse Environments

Having the basic Snickers Workwear Protective clothing is good but, being able to adapt your workwear for the environment and job at hand is imperative to staying safe, insulated and protected from hazards you could come up against. For example, wearing a Snickers Waterproof Jacket or full-body Snickers Waterproof Clothing can protect you from getting sodden, uncomfortable or potentially hypothermic on a work site. Working with hot flames or hot materials will require you to wear or supply your workers with Snickers Flame Retardant Overalls, so the risk of burns is reduced and your normal workwear isn’t damaged by heat or hot materials. Wearing our Snickers Painting Clothing will again protect your normal workwear from getting ruined and unusable for the future; it means you can have a separate set of workwear for messy jobs.

Use Snickers Online

At Snickers online, all of our workwear is adorned with the Snickers brand, which means it is quality, affordable and durable; it will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a range of workwear clothing you can use to adapt to different weathers, jobs and work environments then please browse our workwear products today to see what we can offer for you. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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