High Visibility Workwear: A Health and Safety Necessity

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Working on a busy site can be dangerous; there are a variety of risks that are present that can threaten your personal safety and the safety of others around you. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the standard personal defence against these dangers. Wearing a hardhat can protect someone from falling debris, eye protection can defend from dust and particle damage, foot and hand protection can protect someone from lacerations and cuts as well as their feet from being crushed by falling debris. High visibility workwear is a health and safety requirement, as it protects the wearer by making others aware of their location, especially in work sites that are particularly dark or on jobs that are done at night.

High visibility workwear has two main functions: To make the wearer visible to moving vehicles and to make people stand out against the environment around them. There are a variety of different types of high visibility workwear; here at Snickers Online we primarily supply a range of different Snickers brand high visibility jackets and Snickers high vis clothing. There are several different types of reflective workwear that we currently have on offer, including Snickers reflective vests, Snickers high vis tool vests and even Snickers high vis fleeces for outside areas that could be cold; this provides dual functionality for the wearer.


High visibility clothing, whether it be a high vis vest, high vis jacket or high vis trousers, provide the wearer with a clear indicator to others of where they are located, as well as being suitable to use by the wearer for strenuous manual jobs, a requirement of the health and safety executive. This high visibility workwear not only protects the wearer whilst on site but can be used whilst walking the streets at night or riding a bicycle on the roads, perhaps on their way to work.


Snickers high visibility jackets and trousers, as well as the Snickers high visibility tool vests, provide great functionality for the wearer. The Snickers high vis trousers, for example, provide multiple pockets, as well as kneepad holders for workers who find themselves kneeling down often, something which is dependent on the trouser style you choose to purchase. Wearing a high vis tool vest provides ample storage for tools so it’s easier to move around the work site fully supplied, whilst at the same time providing protection from moving vehicles.


Comfort for the user should be one of the main priorities for any worker or employer, that is why here at Snickers Online, we strive to provide both safety and comfort in everything we supply. Snickers fleeces have high visibility protection as well as being warm; our high visibility trousers allow users to customise with kneepads and the cotton material is durable but comfortable to wear; our Snickers high visibility vests allow free movement and aren’t restrictive to the user. 

If you are looking to browse the top-quality high visibility workwear that we supply here at Snickers Online, please click here to view our range. You’ll be able to find more information on specific products on their individual product pages and, as always, you can contact us for more information if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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