5 Great Characteristics of Snickers’ Ruffwork Range

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When it comes to heavy duty work you need a pair of trousers that are up for the task. Not only do you need your work pants a tough design for hard work, but you need them to provide balance with an amazing fit and freedom of movement. That’s why here at Snickers Online we are proud suppliers of the Ruffwork range of trousers. 

The Ruffwork range of trousers is an excellent collection of heavy-duty work trousers that hit the sweet spot between practicality and comfort. There are several reasons why Snickers’ Ruffwork pants are worth a look over other brands of trousers. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should take a closer look at Snickers’ Ruffwork range. 


True to their name, Snickers’ Ruffwork trousers are made of extremely tough hardwearing fabrics offering excellent functionality and protection, making them perfectly suited to difficult work in difficult conditions.  Many Ruffwork pants, such as the Ruffwork heavy duty work trousers with knee pockets, are made of tough Dobby Pro+ fabric, also coming with reinforcements at the knees and heavy duty zippers, giving them serious durability. Whatever challenge your work throws at these Ruffwork trousers, they can take it. 

Extra knee protection

Not only are Ruffwork pants a durable option but they offer great protection too. Many Ruffwork pants come with Advanced KneeGuard Pro technology along with expansion pleats. This keeps the trousers’ kneepads in the best position, offering the wearer excellent protection. With this feature, Snickers’ Ruffwork trousers will keep your knees stay safe while you’re kneeling during that paint job or hammering those tools. 

Superior comfort

Having a durable pair of trousers is all well and good but they can be frustrating if they are uncomfortable to wear. With their true pre-bent legs and a stretch gusset in the crotch, even in the shorts, Ruffwork pants offer the wearer superior comfort and freedom of movement. They also boast Mechanical Air Flow™ at the hollow of the knees, including ventilating openings and stretch mesh to keep the insides of your legs cool. 

Handy pockets

Many Ruffwork trousers come with varying pocket space, offering different levels of functionality to suit your needs. Snickers’ Ruffwork HD trousers come with angled front leg and holster pockets including zipped compartments, a mobile phone compartment and detachable ID-badge holder – making them ideal for keeping your tools close to hand on the job. 

Available in other forms

Snickers’ Ruffwork range isn’t just durable and comfortable; it’s also fashionable, offering a contemporary look with different styles to choose from. If standard trousers aren’t your bag, why not look at the Ruffwork Denim trousers or the range’s insulated parka? 

Contact us today! 

Here at Snickers Online we would be delighted to provide you with Snickers’ Ruffwork range. If you would like to get hold of a pair of these excellent work trousers or a great Ruffwork jacket please don’t hesitate to browse our website or contact us for more information.

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