What Distinguishes Snickers Hi Vis Clothing?

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High visibility clothing, or hi vis clothing, is a regular sight on many workers. Whether you’re working on a building site or at the side of a busy road or railway, hi vis clothing is vital for keeping workers visible to other people around them. That’s why here at Snickers Online, we aim to provide a quality range of high visibility workwear, which ensures that workers stay safe while they are hard at work.

While there are many brands of hi vis clothing to choose from, our variety of hi vis clothing has several traits which help it to stand right out from the pack. Here are just a few reasons why it might be worth considering Snickers’ hi vis workwear as your first choice.

Suitable for all seasons

While a waterproof hi vis jacket may be the ideal choice on gloomier, rainier days, a full hi vis jacket can be unwieldy in summer or insufficient in winter. Handily Snickers’ hi vis clothing is capable of kitting workers out for all weathers, with polo shirts and shorts for the summer months and thicker coats for the winter months such as our quilt and pile-lined long jacket.  

Full reflective coverage

Some hi vis workwear only helps the wearer to be visible on one side, making it ineffective for people approaching from in front of or behind the side of the wearer. Snickers’ hi vis clothing boasts reflective stripes all around the clothing, including over or across the shoulders. This means that you can be sure that you are visible from all directions, even when bending down.

Highly breathable outdoors

When working in outdoor environments it can get sticky and dirty. Snickers’ hi-vis t-shirts come with an Active Vaporise System (AVS), an advanced fabric technology that allows the wearer’s body excellent breathability through the material. This helps keep your body dry and fresh, reducing the risk of sweating and ultimately providing perfect comfort.

There’s even headwear!

While hi vis workwear comes in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t usually a type of clothing that is readily associated with headwear. Snickers’ range of hi vis workwear comes with a reversible beanie hat in hi vis colours, offering greater visibility.

Made for specific industries

While much of our workwear is suitable for any industry, some of Snickers’ high visibility clothing is suited for specific purposes. Examples of such garments include our innovative hi-vis painters’ trousers, with reflective stripes on the legs to improve visibility and flexibility when halfway up a ladder, along with our tool vest that comes with an integrated inside expander, allowing it to be easily expanded and worn over a more traditional hi vis jacket.

Contact us!

If you’re interested in Snickers’ high visibility clothing or have any questions about our excellent hi vis range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Snickers Online today via our contact page – we’d be delighted to provide you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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