The many uses of Foul Weather Work Wear

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The many uses of foul weather work wear

Sometimes the weather outside can be absolutely miserable, particularly in the autumn and winter months when the days are shorter and the storms seem longer. If you’re stuck outside on a job and not wearing the right work wear, you can end up feeling it too! In such situations, it’s vital to have waterproof work wear, like the type of clothing that we are delighted to provide here at Snickers Online.

If it offers the right combination of rain resistance and reflective strips, the right waterproof work wear can keep you comfortable and visible even in the most horrid weather. You could plump for a heavy Gore-Tex shell high-visibility jacket, a lighter weight rain jacket, or even clothing suitable for the bottom half of your body like spacious rain trousers ideal for tramping around in the mud. All of these of course should be 100% waterproof.

One of the advantages of this type of waterproof work wear is that it has such a wide range of possible uses. But what are those potential uses? Here are just a few of the places we think that your Snickers waterproofs will come in handy:

On a construction site

With so many dangers lying around, when you’re working on a construction site it’s vital to be visible at all times – both for your safety and for that of your colleagues. In waterproof work wear such as a hi-visibility jacket you’ll not only be able to withstand the wind but stay safe too.

On a busy road

Whether you’re an engineer seeing to a car accident or a steward at a public event, cars are a constant hazard to those who aren’t visible, particularly if lighting is poor. Wearing a thick high-visibility jacket will help to keep you warm and in sight of all those passing drivers.

On a railway

Working the railway often requires late night or early morning shifts in less than clement conditions. Put on a thick Gore-Tex shell jacket and you can rest assured that oncoming trains will spot you.

While cycling

Outside of work, a heavy duty hi-vis jacket might seem like overkill. For that reason you can always choose a lightweight jacket and trousers with 3M reflective strips. Combined with the legally required bike lights and any other reflective gear, you’ll be sure to be dry and visible – unless you get splashed by a car.

And many more!

There are tons of other uses. Whether you’re a keen evening runner or need to walk the dog near a main road, waterproof work wear will do the job. Either way you’ll stay dry, comfortable, and visible.

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Here at Snickers Online we offer a great selection of waterproof Snickers clothing which will suit you for any of the above purposes. If you would like to know anything more about our Snickers waterproofs, why not contact us here at Snickers Online today?

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