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Do you find it easy to focus on your job when you feel cold and damp? Anyone who works in cold, damp environments, whether inside and outside, knows the detrimental effect of feeling uncomfortable when working. What is one of the most effective ways to keep warm and dry in these circumstances? By wearing our wide range of unbeatable undergarments. Snickers Online are workwear, safety wear and personal protection equipment specialists and we supply a fantastic range of high-quality undergarments. What makes our undergarment so unique and effective?

High-Quality Undergarments

Our undergarment products are guaranteed to keep you warm. The high-quality materials that we use includes microfleece to keep in your body warmth. What about overheating and sweating? Because the advanced first layer of your garment provides superb ventilation, you need never worry about sweating while you work. The innovative, quick drying material will allow you to work more comfortably and efficiently. We believe that our fabric can dry up to five times faster than many similar materials. The unique design has a mesh ventilation feature where you tend to sweat the most – the armpits and on your back. It is also designed with comfort in mind and you will appreciate the superior fit.

What Undergarments Can We Offer You?

We have a wide range of undergarments for you to choose from. Take for example, our Snickers Micro Fleece Thermal Long Johns.

snickers long johns base layer

How do you feel when your legs feel cold and uncomfortable? Wearing this product can keep you warm and increase your sense of comfort, leaving you free to focus on your work without being distracted. You can use this as a first layer protection or you can wear it underneath your workwear. The fabric’s elasticity fits like a glove and allows you maximum movement. The cuffs at the bottom of the legs are elasticated to keep out the cold air. You won’t sweat in these long johns, as the material is 94% breathable.

Snickers Micro Fleece Jackets

What makes our micro fleece jackets so effective? They are flexible and of course, extremely warm. The combination of breathability and insulation is the perfect partnership. The zip gives you the option of easily regulating your body temperature as you work. What about the high collar? This provides extra protection from the wind and cold. How about our Snickers Workwear Merino Wool First Layer Long Sleeve Top? This adds the extra dimension of merino wool for pure natural warmth. Merino wool is also incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Another benefit is that it is machine washable and naturally keeps it shape so that you can continue to look good.

Why Else Should You Come to Us?

We are authorised Snickers Workwear distributors, so you can have complete confidence in our products. Our delivery service is exceptional – we can deliver your orders anywhere in the UK and to most destination around the world. We also pride ourselves in our high level of customer service.

Please fill in our online enquiry form if you have any questions for us. You can also contact us on 0113 256 7021 today.

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