The Benefits of Wearing Snickers Workwear Clothing in the Workplace

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When deciding what to wear at work, tradesmen and professionals have more to consider than might be expected. Fashion sense might not be a top priority, but presenting a professional image certainly is, and there are also important safety-related and practical issues to consider. For many, the obvious choice is Snickers Workwear. However, while brand recognition for the company across a wide variety of industries is strong, the difference in quality in comparison with similar looking but cheaper alternatives might not be immediately obvious. With that in mind, we've summarized a few of the key benefits this excellent clothing offers.

Tried and tested across the board

Since the production of the first one-piece Snickers trousers in 1973, the company has built a reputation for producing a wide range of clothing which is durable, versatile and comfortable enough to meet the demands of all working conditions, whatever the weather.

For example, the Snickers hi-vis clothing

Snickers High Vizibility jackets from Snickers Workwear H V Range


range includes warm fleeces and jackets, overalls, trousers, and even lighter items such as shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts suitable for use during the summer months, not to mention Snickers' hi-vis tool vest. Snickers overalls are available in a variety of different materials and colours to offer optimum functionality for all trades, and the diverse range of Snickers jackets includes softshell jackets, insulated parkas, and many more. The brand's clothing is so versatile, in fact, that it is the preferred option of individuals and companies across a range of sectors including construction, engineering, aeronautics and the automotive industry.

Innovative design

But the Snickers Workwear brand isn't just based on maintaining standards and offering choice. They also revolutionised knee protection with the launch of the KneeGuard kneepad positioning system and the tough Craftsmen kneepads for both Snickers trousers and Snickers overalls. Other clever design features and innovations include useful holstered pockets which can be found on several different garment types, and ergonomic sleeves which provide wearers of Snickers Jackets with exceptional ease of movement.

Quality materials

Snickers jackets, trousers and other garments are constructed using high quality, technologically advanced materials such as Cordura®, GORE-TEX® and Coolmax®. Together with the company's stringent production standards and clever designs, the use of these durable, high performance materials means that - unlike cheaper alternatives which might require regular replacement and offer limited functionality and comfort - an investment in Snickers Workwear will ultimately save money.

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