How does Snickers Workwear vary for the seasons?

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How does Snickers Workwear vary for the seasons?

Snickers Online provide specialist workwear that offers functionality and comfort. Our branded workwear is professional and can meet the demands of any working environment. At Snickers Online we have a wide range of workwear available that is bound to meet your specific needs.

Whether you work in construction or warehousing - you’ll require clothing that is durable and versatile to your individual needs - it’s also self-explanatory that you need to be seen if you work in the dark - hence why we have a developed a range of Hi Vis clothing! All our clothing starts from XS and ranges to XXXL with a wide choice of colours and styles!

Snickers trousers

At Snickers Online, we are always developing something new and innovative. If you require heavy duty trousers, Snickers have the perfect solution for you! Our Heavy-Duty Work Trousers have been cleverly designed to have knee pad pockets, ensuring that you can work comfortably. We understand that for some individuals, it is in your job description to be on the ground for prolonged periods of time, hence why we have designed work trousers to have knee pads, providing you with extra comfort. This particular range of workwear trousers is available in a variety of dark colours including navy, black, grey and petrol, meeting your needs for clothing to look professional and modern.

Unlike other workwear companies, Snickers Online offer workwear trousers for women too! These are designed to fit perfectly and ensure you can move with ease. The material of these trousers is 65% polyester and 35% cotton- thus ensuring it keeps you warm while working out in the field during those cold British winter months.

Snickers Shorts

But when the summer swings in, you hardly want your employees to be sweltering in a pair of waterproof or quilted work trousers. That’s why we have developed a range of Craftsmen shorts. An advantage of snickers workwear is that we meet the conditions of your working environment and the working conditions, our shorts offer comfort and provide you with exceptional ease of movement, particularly on a hot day! Don’t let your clothing be the reason that your team can’t work effectively, all year round!

Snickers jackets

If you’re looking for a jacket that is suitable for the winter, you’ll probably want to invest in something that’s windproof, ultimately ensuring that you’re kept warm and comfortable, when it’s not raining. At Snickers Online, we have workwear that is lightweight and breathable, this is ideal if you are making a visit to a construction site saving you from having to carry a bulky outdoor coat around with you.

Additionally, if you need something that is reflective and comfortable, our Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket is the perfect solution! This coat is appropriate for workers who are working outdoors from early in the morning or late at night where visibility is key. The reflective bands allow you to be easily seen from a distance guaranteeing that your workforce’s safety isn’t compromised!

Snickers vests

But during the summer months, those Hi Vis fleeces and jackets aren’t suitable for your team. But here at Snickers Online, we have Hi Vis vests which are perfect to fit over a polo shirt, ensuring your staff don’t overheat while remaining highly visible.


Here at Snickers Online, our workwear clothing designs are modern and contemporary, as well as practical ensuring that your workforce has suitable clothing no matter what time of year it is.

Find out more about our range of Snickers Workwear today!

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