Which Pair of Snickers RuffWork Heavy Duty Trousers Are for You?

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The purchase of new heavy duty trousers for work is one that requires some research and consideration. Rushing into buying the first pair of trousers you find may leave you vulnerable to dangers within the workplace, and result in an accident and subsequent downtime, or even having to give up your job.

We’ve decided to give you the rundown of our latest drop of Snickers RuffWork trousers – a collection that aims to debunk the myth that workwear can’t be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing – helping you opt for the perfect pair for your individual requirements.

Snickers RuffWork Heavy Duty Work Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets

Need a good all-rounder for your workwear wardrobe? Snickers 6 series RuffWork pants offer optimum safety and comfort, whatever strain your body may be under during the day. With denim accents, these trousers are made with RuffWork Denim, giving them a stylish edge.

The technology behind these trousers is vast, such as the Advanced KneeGuard Pro, which – with the use of expansion pleats – ensures that your need pads stay in their optimum position, or the Dobby Pro+ fabric that provides unparalleled protection whilst remaining a soft, comfortable finish.

Snickers RuffWork Trousers with Knee Pad & Holster Pockets

Similar to the all-rounder pair, these trousers offer the same functions, fabrics and benefits of the others, with the added plus of holster pockets. These pockets will allow for the storage and accessibility of your tools, through zipped compartments.

When you’re in the midst of a job in a precarious situation, you don’t want to be digging around in all your pockets to find the tool you need – there’s also a specific phone compartment and a detachable ID-badge holder.

Snickers RuffWork Work Shorts with Holster Pockets

For jobs that are less dangerous than those that would require heavy duty trousers, we have the RuffWork Work Shorts. Brilliant for keeping you clean and safe, whilst allowing you to stay cool in the midst of work, these shorts are perfect for painting jobs or small DIY endeavours.

Featuring the same benefits as the heavy duty trousers, the shorts also feature the holster pockets, allowing you to keep your tools all in one place, despite the fact that shorts are half the size of the trousers!

Here at Snickers Online, we pride ourselves in our extensive collection of work and safety wear, promoting the importance of staying safe when dealing with potentially dangerous environments or substances.

Your safety is paramount when it comes to the workplace. If you’re a business owner, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that your employees have the most up-to-date equipment and clothing. Nobody wants accidents in the workplace – especially in a construction environment that can prove deadly when things go awry.

Contact us today to discuss the bespoke needs of yourself or your company with one of our professional advisors. We can help you decide on the perfect work uniform for your individual needs.

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