Five Incredible Feature of the Snickers Overalls

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Five Incredible Feature of the Snickers Overalls

At Snickers Online we stock a wide variety of the very best quality overalls, fitting a range of purposes. By using our overalls, you’re able to keep your regular clothes in good condition by fully protecting them from paint, dirt, and any other materials you may be exposed to during your working day.

We offer overalls in an array of colours, including black, grey, steel grey, or navy. This enables you to match the colour of your overalls to any colours you can pick out in your company logo or uniform. Today we are looking at the different features of all our overalls.

High Flexibility

Our overalls feature an ergonomic cut with pre-bent sleeves and legs. This gives you maximum freedom of movement when you’re working, and ensures the fabric will be durable and long-lasting, which is a necessity when working in a physically demanding job. They also feature a two-way full-length zipper, allowing you to easily slip in and out of them without any hassle.


Made of CoolTwill, measuring at 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and at 200 g/m², these overalls are extremely lightweight, meaning you can easily get on with the job in hand without being weighed down by bulky clothes. Ranging from XS to XXXL, you can rest assured that there can be plenty of room to allow for warm undergarments in winters, to something light and breathable for the summer.

Flame Retardant

CoolTwill technology also means that the overalls are flame retarded, for extra safety precaution, making them ideal for environments where you’re working with lots of different chemicals.


Yet another benefit of the Snickers Online overalls is that they are dirt-repellent, which means that the life of the overalls will be long-lasting, preventing a build-up of dirt.


Our overalls have the added advantage of featuring large panels of plain material, allowing you the option to personalise them with your company logo and any other features you desire. This enables you to have a recognisable workforce, in uniformed overalls.


If you’re interested in any of our products and would like more information about sizing or any of our features listed, please contact us by filling in our contact form online. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 0113 256 7021. One of our team will be glad to help you with your enquiry.

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