Snickers Workwear Jackets: Which is the right one for you?

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Demanding work requires clothes that are resilient to the challenges of your job. That’s why at Snickers Online, we have designed the ultimate workwear jackets that both provide optimum comfort and protection when completing work outdoors. Our range of workwear jackets includes a Snickers workwear fleece, Snickers waterproof jacket and Snickers reflective jackets – so simply take your pick!

High visibility jackets

For jobs outdoors that require workers to wear high visibility jackets for their safety, we have just the right solution. Our range of high visibility work jackets with reflective bands all around and on the shoulders are guaranteed to keep the wearer visible from all directions, keeping them safe, warm and protected whilst on the job. Our range of high visibility Snickers work jackets include a variety of different jacket designs to provide comfort and protection for every individual. The high visibility jackets we have available include a lightweight work jacket, a Snickers Goretex jacket and a Micro Fleece Hoodie work jacket.

Weather proof jackets

Do you find yourself battling with difficult weather conditions whilst at work? Snickers rain and wind proof jackets could be your answer. The super-light design of the Liteweight Windbreaker jacket allows it to be folded to pocket size, so you can always have it to hand. Durable and water repellent with added pockets for keeping essentials on your person, this is the perfect solution for beating wind and rain whilst at work. The Snickers Profiling work jacket is a slightly heavier windproof and water repellent jacket that is fleece lined for soft and warm working comfort, keeping you warm as well as weather protected!

Insulating jackets

Stay warm whilst working with one of our insulating jackets, expertly designed to keep out the cold. The Snickers Winter Work jacket is quilt-lined to keep you cosy in in all weather conditions. This Snickers jacket provides reliable comfort at an affordable price, so isn’t one to miss out on. The Snickers Work Fleece has a warm, light and stretchy design, made from an advanced high-loft fleece to provide superior insulation to the wearer. For extreme insulation, we have the Snickers winter parka. Made from exceptionally soft and material without compromising on ease of movement, this reliable jacket even has a climate regulation at the waist, that adjusts its closeness to increase and decrease ventilation depending on the temperature. 

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Ready to get yourself the right kit for completing outdoor work? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on any of our products, we’ll be more than happy to help in any way we can!

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