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At Snickers Online, we have everything you could ask for when it comes to high visibility (or hi vis) clothing – from vests and T-shirts, to shorts and trousers, to jumpers and jackets. Read on to find out more about our extensive range of hi vis workwear.


Vests are one of the most popular items of high visibility clothing, but they are often very flimsy. With Snickers Online, you can find hi vis vests that are both durable and light-weight. Unlike some other makes of vests, they have a practical front zipper, as well as the patented MultiPockets™. The reflective bands cover all the way around the body, and also include shoulder areas, to ensure visibility even when bending down. Pockets include smart technology to enable you to store your mobile phone. With wide arms, these are easy to put on, even over big jackets. They also feature a plastic front pocket for ID badges. In addition to our basic vest, we also have a range of hi vis tool-vests. These have the extra feature of holster pockets for convenient access to your tools. Their adjustable ergonomic belt means your shoulders won’t be weighed down too much when your pockets are filled.


Our hi vis T-shirts are available in either a classic design, or a polo shirt design. Not only do both of these feature products feature the usual reflective bands and MultiPockets™, but they make use of AVS (Active Vaporize System) technology for extra breathability and moisture transport, so you can stay dry whilst working. The fabric is stretchy, giving you’re the flexibility of movement that you need when working. As well as the smart pockets, these also feature a wire loop at the neck so you can have access to any important phone calls without getting your device dirty.

Shorts and Trousers

Here at Snickers Online, we stock a wide range of high vis shorts and trousers. These items feature the usual reflective bands, pockets, and smart wear, as well as Velcro tool fasteners, and holster pockets for tools. They make use of Snickers Workwear Gusset™ in the crotch area, for ease of movement and optimum comfort. Our white and black hi vis trousers include reflective bands at the bottom of the leg, and are cut with Twister Leg design, and protect your knees with Cordura® reinforced kneepad pockets, for the KneeGuard™ positioning system. For added visibility in your design, you can also try the dirt-repelling muted black hi vis trousers. Combining extra high visibility with a high functionality design, try our trousers with fluorescent orange or yellow upper legs, and black lower legs with reflective bands, or an alternative design without the holster pockets. For super bright trousers that are waterproof, try these simple rain trousers, which can be pulled on over your regular workwear trousers.

Jumpers and Jackets

At Snickers Online, we have a large variety of different types of hi vis outer workwear garments. Our jumpers feature the usual reflective bands, with a soft quick-drying micro fleece fabric. For a zip option, we also stock hi vis micro fleece jackets, and fleece hoodies. Our range also includes 100% waterproof lightweight workwear hi vis jackets, with an adjustable hood and reversed water-resistant YKK zipper for ideal protection from the rain. For extra durability, we stock hi vis soft shell jackets, featuring 3-layer stretchable polyester fabric and cosy fleece inner layer. Alternatively, we have long winter hi vis jackets with a soft, doubled quilt and pile lining. For a jacket that is incredibly durable, try our windproof and waterproof jacket, with extra breathability, or our hardwearing cotton and polyester jacket. Lastly, for extra warmth, we also stock reversible hi vis beanie hats.


If you’re interested in any of our products and would like more information, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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