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Tough Clothing for Tough Jobs

Besides the intrinsic protection one desires from their workwear its essential you feel comfortable and able to move freely. Our rationale at snickers is to create workwear that not only meets these basic needs, but adds durability and style. Why style? Well we feel that being smart even in workwear adds a touch of professionalism and creates the right sort of image – after all ‘clothes maketh the man’. And feeling good is half way to feeling positive about the challenges you face in work today.

Our workwear is purposefully created with every job in mind, to ensure:
• Good fit and functionality – pockets which are useful and not just there for effect
• Comfortable yet light and flexible – include adequate ventilation and breathability
• Hardwearing and durable – include tough Cordura reinforcements in the places that matter
• Stylish and smart – range of subtle colours 

Snickers clothing

Our clothing range is revolutionary and ever evolving. We are always trying to develop and improve products to suit your needs. We believe that in doing this differentiates ourselves from our competitors and ensures that we’re your first clothing choice every time. 

We have introduced products which deal with all eventualities and are suitable to wear all year round – whatever the weather. 


Our LiteWork range for instance combines flexibility – because the products are so light with incorporating ventilation to keep you cool in the summer months. Furthermore, our 37.5 technology wicks away any moisture your body emits.


Whilst in the product design phase at Snickers we utilise body mapping technology to create a product which is superb in terms of fit and flexibility. Our FlexiWork range also integrates fit with functionality and an integral part of this involves adequate protection in the right places. Using tough Cordura reinforcements for instance at the knee offer unparalleled protection. Combining this with pockets that are accessible and indeed useful, ensures that the user is always ready for the day’s up-and-coming challenges.

Snickers trousers


For those tougher jobs we at Snickers have developed the RuffWork range which offer a higher degree of protection – using hardwearing fabrics and reinforcement. Moreover, we have catered for individuals looking for not only these aforesaid prerequisites but also style with our denim contemporary feel.


To safeguard against ill-fitting clothes we also recommend and advocate the individual tries on the product beforehand. And because people come in all shapes and sizes we stock 41 different sizes of trousers, and another 30 other sizes can be ordered if an exacting match is not available in store.

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