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Snickers Hammer Holder (Ergonomic Design) Attaches to Snickers Trousers belts etc- 9716


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Snickers Hammer Holder (Ergonomic Design) UK SUPPLIER - 9716

Advanced, hard-wearing hammer holder with ergonomic design. Angled for easy access and comfortable positioning of the hammer against the leg.

  • Ergonomically angled design prevents the hammer-handle from hitting your leg when walking and getting in the way when bending down on your knees
  • Easy to attach to Snickers tool fasteners, trousers, belts, Toolvest and Flexi Pocket system
  • Angled slightly away from your body for easy access to the hammer
  • Accommodates most hammers in the market
  • Made in a hard-wearing yet flexible material that will not scrape delicate surfaces

Sizes: One-size

Material: Hardwearing Hytrel® from DuPont - 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)