Snickers Trousers

Snickers Workwear last launched a new generation of work trousers. The reason was simple the existing Snickers 3-series trousers were and still are a huge success story such as the Snickers 3212 Ultimate work trousers. Snickers Workwear has always been about innovation, and couldn’t hold back any longer  it was time to develop something new. Snickers intended to present the next generation of work trousers and agreed that the preliminary work would be our most thorough ever. Snickers workwear trousers with or without holster pockets, New 6 series trousers such as Ruff Work 6202 trousers, Lite Work, flex work trouser 6902, litework, all round work wear, the original 3 series from the 3212 ultimate work trousers with holster pockets and kneepads, the canvas plus 3 series trouser a robust and sturdy design from Snickers trousers. The 3223 floor layer trouser in rip stop material and as the name suggests is a robust and effective garment for the floor laying industry. We also stock a serious contender to Snickers - Blaklader Workwear Swedens Finest since 1956!!