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Bradford is a diverse and historic city blessed with stunning architecture and a thriving cultural scene. The city centre is home to a wonderful concentration of heritage buildings, the stunning City Park water feature and some superb museums including the National Science & Media Museum. A compact city centre that’s easy to cover on foot, Bradford also has plenty of choice when it comes to shopping, food & drink and cultural attractions.

Bradford is bidding to become the UK City of Culture 2025. Bradford district, which as the UK’s 6th largest city is twice the size of Hull which hosted the title in 2017, is one of the youngest cities in Europe (29% of its population under 20 and nearly a quarter under 16) and one of the most diverse in the UK.

Bradford is one of the UK’s most diverse and youthful cities and prides itself on its warm and friendly character. With a compact, easy to explore city centre, it is perfect for anyone looking for a mixture of heritage, culture and character. The city has a thriving cultural scene with venues such as Kala Sangam, Bradford Playhouse, The Alhambra Theatre and St George’s Hall offering a fantastic programme of live events.

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