How to Stay Seen in Low Lighting as a Decorator or Painter

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How to Stay Seen in Low Lighting as a Decorator or Painter


Sometimes, due to time constraints or traffic requirements, certain painting and decorating jobs must be conducted in low lighting during the evening. Whilst this can be a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is vital that the necessary steps are taken to ensure you are completely visible at all times especially when working in a place with motorists.


There are a number of precautions you can put into place if you are aiming to stay seen in low-lighting, from painters’ clothing to ample signage. Here are our crucial four steps to staying seen on the job:


Starting with the basics, these durable painters’ trousers come with sewn-on hi-vis patches to the calf area, ensuring maximum visibility on motorways and roadsides.


With a tailor-made design for painters and decorators, these trousers come fitted with ‘Twisted Leg’ functionality and the renowned Snickers Workwear Gusset, which allows for consistent and smooth movement imperative for intricate detailing and line work.


Teamed with the long-sleeved painters’ t-shirt, which has been expertly reinforced to promote longevity and durability available for women and men you’re already making strides towards being safe on the job.


For that extra injection of brightness, opt for a painters’ belt in a hi-vis finish, great for lighting that falls above the knee only  and keeps your hi-vis trousers up for starters!


Painters’ clothing must be consistently comfortable and seamless to your movements, making this secure belt ideal for keeping everything in the right place you don’t want to be distracted by having to pull up your trousers every 5 minutes.


For painters and construction workers alike, this hardwearing tool vest is the ultimate piece of clothing equipment for the professional. Easily slipped on over your long-sleeved t-shirt, this tool vest allows you to keep all your important tools to hand as you proceed with your painting work.


Available in either orange or yellow reflective material, the tool vest can be tailored to your particular fleet, offering easy identification for workers completing different jobs on the same area.


For situations where adverse weather conditions also come into play, you can opt for the hi-vis micro fleece, which will allow for painters to stay toasty warm and centred on the job at hand, without having to worry about potential dangers around you.


Perfect for layering over the long-sleeved t-shirt, or fine for wearing on its own, the fleece is a must-have if you find yourself regularly working in chilly, damp environments in the darker hours of the day.


There are many options that can be considered when optimising your clothing and surroundings, promoting safety requirements in dark conditions. There are other steps that can be utilised, such as using large, reflective signs around the work area, or coning around yourself with hi-vis material lined cones.


For all your painters’ clothing and construction worker accessories, visit Snickers Online and ensure that you’re putting your life in the safest position possible – these hi-vis products are quite literally life savers!



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